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Fiber optic face plate and taper bonding



Custom assembly


Custom camera

Custom Design and OEM Services

Custom designed integrated solutions for use in your products

Stanford Photonics' resources and capabilities include electronics, optics, mechanical, software and systems design. These aggregate skills are applied to special projects and products where creative solutions to difficult problems are essential to success.

  • Full CAD capabilities and services: Solid Works/ Solid Edge
  • Custom designed fiber optic faceplates and tapers
  • Custom ICCD camera configurations
  • Shock mounted night vision for weapon systems
  • Environmental enclosures
  • Remote Heads
  • Specialized light sources and photometry systems
  • Process development
  • Custom board level CCD and CMOS cameras

Most custom and OEM products and services are contracted on a proprietary basis. Contact Stanford Photonics main office for your specific product and applications requirements.

Stanford Photonics, Inc. · 1032 Elwell Court · Suite 104 · Palo Alto · CA 94303 · Phone: 650.969.5991 · Fax: 650.969.5993 · E-mail: info@stanfordphotonics.com