XR/Micro-DS™ (click for data sheet)

Image Intensified Cameras



XR/M ™ (click for data sheet)



XR/MEGA-10(click for data sheet)

XR/MEGA-10 ™ and XR/MEGA-10LC


XR/MEGA-10EX(click for data sheet)



XR/MEGA-10Z(click for data sheet)


  • Cooled photocathode, dual MCP
  • Single Photon detection: "zero" dark count, "zero" read noise
  • Single Molecule and Luminescence Imaging
  • Applications: Life Sciences

XR/Turbo(click for data sheet)

XR/Turbo™ and Turbo-Z

  • 120 frames per second 640 by 480 base operation
  • Binning and/or partial scan modes up to 1000 fps
  • Single and dual MCP options
  • -Z:  cooled cathode for ultra fast luminescence events
  • Novel high speed surveillance and montoring

X-Ray detectors and sensors

OEM and Custom Products

Custom CCD and CMOS Cameras

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