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Company Profile


STANFORD PHOTONICS, Inc. designs and manufactures electro-optic assemblies and systems with end applications in remote viewing, surveillance, x-ray, photometry and low light level imaging and analysis. Products include basic subassemblies such as fiber-coupled image sensors, as well as complete integrations: design-optimized light sources; sensor-based light measurement systems; custom CMOS/CCD cameras; and intensified CCD (ICCD) cameras ranging from low cost "point and shoot" units to extended resolution, high performance, computer controlled configurations. All ICCD cameras and X-ray detectors are fabricated in house using proprietary methods for bonding fiber-optic and image sensing elements. Further optimization of ICCD products is achieved through the educated selection and pairing of intensifier tube and back-end camera electronics for specific applications. In 2004, Stanford Photonics introduced image acquisition and RAID-based streaming software to further enhance and enable the high speed, low light imaging capabilities of its fastest ICCD and CCD visualization platforms. Adding to this software baseline, introducing a compact, cost-reduced ICCD camera and incorporating improvements to the company's advanced products are strategic objectives for 2005.

Stanford Photonics, Inc. was incorporated in the State of California in 1989 and has demonstrated positive growth and profitability since its inception. Today, Stanford Photonics' OEM and contract customers include small start-ups, major aerospace firms, video suppliers, automated equipment manufacturers and companies/system integrators providing end products to the military and scientific communities. The company sells its own products directly, through referrals and through a growing network of resellers and distributors. Stanford Photonics also engages in outside contracts and private label production, providing conceptual and developmental support in optics, mechanical, electronics and system design.

Founder profile

Michael Buchin, President and owner of Stanford Photonics, holds a B.S. degree in Physics and a Master's degree in Electronics. He has an extensive background in the design and development of electronic measurement and imaging systems and holds numerous patents covering basic optical concepts and devices, as well as, complex imaging transducers and systems. His initial career emphasis focused on medical imaging and technologies. For the past fifteen years, his primary involvement has been in broader-based electronic imaging and electro-optics keyed to the design of unique, high performance devices combining traditional optics, fiber-optics, illumination science and single and two-dimensional image sensors. Other senior staff members, PE's and affiliates bring optical design, mechanical CAE/CAD, electronics, process, software and systems engineering to the mix of capabilities that the company provides to its customers. Stanford Photonics, Inc. is located in Palo Alto , California with convenient access to all the outstanding virtual resources supporting design, process and fabrication that Silicon Valley has to offer.



Stanford Photonics, Inc. · 1032 Elwell Court · Suite 104 · Palo Alto · CA 94303 · Phone: 650.969.5991 · Fax: 650.969.5993 · E-mail: info@stanfordphotonics.com