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Zero Dark Count/Zero Read Noise
ICCD Camera

XR/MEGA-10Z as featured in a growing number of scientific papers & articles some of which are described on this page.

Imaging Technology Update - Winter 2013

Imaging Technology Update - Fall 2011

Imaging Technology Update - Fall 2010

Articles and References


Highlights and Advances in Circadian Rhythm Studies
Latest Developments in Software Support
by Stanford Photonics, Inc.
Biophotonics International September 2007

"Low-light Imaging and Detection Offer Insight Into Plant Development" by Gary Boas
Issue available by request at

Laser Focus World September 2004

"ICCDs Edge Out Electron-Multiplying CCDs in Low Light"
by David Dussault and Paul Hoess

Photonics Spectra
April 2004

"Image Intensifiers Multiply Photons"
by Mike Buchin

Biophotonics International
January 2004

"Is What's New Right For You?"
by Nancy D. Lamontagne, Senior Editor
Issue available by request at


  2009/2010 Meetings Calendar

The Society for Neuroscience 2013

November 9th to November 13th

San Diego Convention Center

San DiegoCA

BiOS/Part of SPIE Photonics West 2014

February 1st to February 2nd

Moscone Center

San FranciscoCA

SPIE Photonics West 2014

February 4th to February 6th

Moscone Center

San FranciscoCA

Biophysical Society 2014

February 15th to February 19th

Moscone Center

San FranciscoCA

Experimental Biology 2014

April 24th to April 30th

San Diego Convention Center

San DiegoCA

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